Our history begins in 1948 in a small village named “La Stella”, where Nello Caporicci, in a small artisanal laboratory, dreamt to collect the most authentic flavour of our beautiful land.
At the beginning the Company took the name of its first site, so it was called “La Stella”. Gradually the name was shortened, with just the initial letters “LS”, then the practice to pronouce the name in full, so the name ElleEsse.
For over 60 years the Caporiccis have been following that dream, turning that small laboratory into a leader Company, that is able to join technology with the respect tradition and our splendid region “Umbria”, so rich of precious fruits.

azienda elleesse


Our philosophy can be summarized in three words: tradition, innovation, and passion. Tradition is the smell of the meal made by our grandmothers, the authentic taste of the fruits of the earth fruits, the respect of the seasonality of raw materials, cooked according to ancient recipes.
Innovation is the wish to improve ourselves day by day, the continuous search for new techniques to improve the products, keeping the original richness of the single raw material. Passion is the thing that let us love every day our job, that encourages us to accept always new challenges and the strength to meet them.


As the “new cuisine” does, we are always looking for new techniques and we design innovative products.
New ingredients and tecniques are tested every day to give our customers the perfect combination between original recepes and latest market requirements.



Our Company is made up of professionalism and seriousness, respect for traditions and ongoing research for the innovation, but above all it is made up of people.
The history of ElleEsse is a family story. Each of our collaborators is, first of all, a friend who shares with us the love for this work and the desire to do it at the best.